Horse racingRacingTracking Analysis of the 100th edition of Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe

5 October 2021

Sunday 3th of October was the expected date for all specialists and fans of flat races. The world’s greatest race, which takes place at ParisLongchamp race track, promised a great show thanks to a beautiful poster with stars attending from England, Ireland and Japan.

In front of a good crowd, the German horse Torquator Tasso has created the sensation. Trained by Marcel Weiss, he has run an exceptional final push to get in front of Tarnawa and Hurricane Lane.


Plaid on a heavy ground due to rains during three days, these 100th edition gave an unexpected finish. Summary of the race with Tracking Datas.
Start is always a tension moment, each horse tries to have the best position in the pack. During 500 meters, rhythm vary between 56 and 58 km/h. The Japanese mare, Chrono Genesis, choose to run in the middle of the track, at 15 meters maximum of the pack. Race pace calm down when Godolphin horse, Adayar, takes the lead. He comes after Broome in front of the race.
The beginning of the descent is made at moderate speed (53-54 km/h, either time of 200m above 13’’). Half-race, favorite Tarnawa is 8th at 15 meters of the leading horse, future winner, Torquator Tasso is 6th at 12 meters.

Race used to clarify before the final straight. But on Sunday, in this difficult ground, positions stood  frozen. Final corner coming, intensity rises with a pace from 54km/h to 59km/h. Best sector 600m-400m is for Bubble Gift (12’’14) in front of Sealiway (12’’15).
These two French horses are 12th and 11th at this time.
Tarnawa loses some time and places but sneaks in the pack near to the line. Irish mare does the best final straight with the gain of 9 positions (11th to 2nd) and best time sector 400m-200m (11’’76), a good one in this ground. She was getting caught at 63km/h, the best speed of all horses in the final straight. She finished 2nd at one length of the winning horse. Important data : she ran 4.6 meters less than Torquator Tasso thanks to a course near to the line.
Not enough to win the race.
Winner Torquator Tasso has gained 5 positions in the final straight. He is credited by the 5th best time sector 400m-200m (12’’05) and the final best time sector 200m-arrival (12’’45) to win his best race ever. German horse keeps/ kept 1.5 meter lead to heir apparent.
Others great notes of the race are for Hurricane Lane and Sealiway. First cited, has gained 6 positions in the final straight with the 3rd best final time (12’’52), the second one has gained 6 position in the final 600 meters with a 62.2 km/H speed (3rd of the final straight).
Disillusion with Adayar, leading horse during 2 kilometres. He has lost a lot of time in the final straight. Torquator Tasso won 12.6 meters in the final 200 meters of the race.

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