Horse racingNewsThe 2021 ZeTurf Legend Race Prix d’Amérique sifted by its data

31 January 20210

Each year, the Prix d’Amérique is awaited as the holy grail by all lovers of harnessed trotting. And even if, due to the health situation, the 2021 edition was held behind closed doors, it did not fail to delight its spectators, gamblers, sports fans or racing professionals. Because it must be said that the poster was beautiful. Beaten in 2020 by the new prodigy of the Guarato team, Face Time Bourbon, Davidson du Pont had chosen to repeat the feat in 2021 for the centenary of the race, with his mentor, four times winner of the race as driver: Jean-Michel Bazire.

A match that could have ended in the first few seconds with a false start and two failed attempts, but which ultimately allowed the future winner to take a perfect start, completely  at the end of the track. Third, second, third then fourth, Björn Goop has chosen to resume his partner in front of the stands to let the most eager of his opponents pass. At that moment, his main rival follows suit to be carried, the most dangerous of threats. In third thickness in a back, Davidson du Pont is measured by McLloyd trackers 13.90 meters from the leader, the Swede Power, already flashed at nearly 49 km/h.

If the battle is therefore logically raging in the descent between the swedish visitor and Bahia Quesnot, crowned a week earlier in the Prix de Cornulier, the favorites quickly take things in hand in the ascent, coming to wedge one behind the another behind the leader. A clever strategy that keeps them out of the wind, much like a Formula 1 driver taking a competitor’s aspiration, and allowing them to gain valuable ranks. So we can see from the tracking reports that Face Time Bourbon has gained a rank at 1,500 meters, going from third to second. Three places for Davidson who jumped from sixth to third place.

A breakthrough that will progress to the post of the last 500 meters, the moment chosen by Björn Goop to start the race. Powerful, Face Time Bourbon unhooked in a few strides his first pursuer, Davidson du Pont, who lost in a few seconds 3.70 meters on his rival. Flashed at 52.3 km/h in the last 500 meters of the race, Face Time Bourbon was able to restart brilliantly in the home stretch, accelerating progress to finish at 52.6 km/h in the last portion from the 400 last meters to the finish post. A feat which takes on even more value if we note that it is not him but his first runner-up, Davidson du Pont, who finished his course the fastest, being flashed at 51.6 km/h in the last 200 meters (against 51.3 for the winner). 5.40 meters separate them on the finish line.

Two favorites on the two highest steps of the podium and some things to remember, thanks to valuable McLloyd statistics, such as the beautiful straight line of Diable de Vauvert (6th) which allows him to post the best speed of the event (56.1 km / h). Note also the mastery of Jean-Philippe Monclin who allowed Billie de Montfort (10th) this Sunday to make as little distance as possible to reach the post: she saves 14.9 meters compared to the winner. Finally, we can remember the great comeback of Gu d’Héripré who, at the height of his five years, is showing enough strength to come back to gain three places in the home stretch, allowing him to finish fourth in this Prix d ‘Amerique ZeTurf Legend Race 2021.

Credit photo : ©2021 Jean-Luc Lamaère-LeTROT

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