Increase your team’s performance with our Sport Tracker V4.

This is the 4th generation of McLloyd’s high precision sensor used by many professional and semi-professional clubs. You, too, advance your team by relying on objective data from the best GPS and biometric technology.

FIFA Rugby
Stade de Reims
Paris Saint-Germain
Stade rennais
France Galop
Austin Elite Rugby
San Diego FC
Castres Olympique
France Aviron
Oyonnax Rugby

Developed with high-level sports coaches, the Sport Tracker V4 sensor is now used in many sporting entities seeking to collect high-precision data.

It is a concentrate of technological excellence that combines a very good quality of capture with the best possible accuracy for a GPS / GNSS system. It is waterproof, rugged and ergonomic and ensures continuous data transmission thanks to its Crystal 8 patent.

Approved by FIFA and Word Rugby.

FIFA Rugby

Sport Tracker V4

The best sensor for high-level team sports

/month by tracker
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Pic 1

45 g
7,7 X 4,3 X 2,0 cm
Resistance 500 Kg
Waterproof 1m

Pic 2

FIFA / World Rugby compliant.
4 McLloyd’s patents

Pic 4

Works with the Live Antenna (no data loss via Crystal 8 patent) or unloading antenna provided.

For all stadium / outdoor sports
Recommended for professional and semi-professional teams
Pic 3
More than 200 indicators in Live and recorded. Works with McLloyd Team Sport software on computer and tablet. Software provided.
Pic 5
6h live
7j standby
(induction charging in the included case)

Improve your coaching

Améliorez votre coaching

Perfect your tactical sequences in training and improve your decision making in match.

More than 200 custom indicators to assess the fitness of your players and make decisions.


Anticipate and manage injuries

Identify the strength, speed and number of shocks received by each of your players and use the support balance tracking algorithm to anticipate injuries.

Follow the wound return by relying on accurate data.


Simplify your management tasks

Enrich your feedback with your players and staff by relying on data and video via personalized and automated reports.

Follow the progress of your

players during and between seasons thanks to the data history.

Tracking indoor,
Now available with HPv2

Tracking indoor,
Now available with HPv2

  • Extreme accuracy until 1cm outdoor / 10cm indoor
    GNSS RTK with Ultra-Wide Band « inter-sensor » network, patented technology and algorithms
    6h autonomy in live
    FIFA/World Rugby standards (design, resistance…)
    No connections (charging by induction)

McLloyd’s 4 major patents

Tech 1

Crystal 8

Real-time data guaranteed in saturated radio frequency space (stadium …).

Tech 2

UWB Mesh

Decimetric accuracy guaranteed by the creation of a sensor network in UWB.

Tech 3


Fusion of data from the three sensor sources: IMU, GPS and Ultra Wide Band.

Tech 4


Unique process for the production of high resistance cases.

Awards and distinctions



Laureate from the Global Innovation Contest (Phase 2)

The World Innovation Competition aims to finance innovative projects carried out by companies and to create the French “champions” of tomorrow, creators of value, exports and jobs.

Ministère de l'innovation

Awards and distinctions


Laureate from the digital innovation contest


The call for projects “Innovation competition – i-Nov” is a support system funded by the Investments for the Future Program (PIA) which aims to select innovation projects with particularly strong potential for the French economy.

BPI France



Seal of excellence grade from the European Commission and French laureate Horizon2020

The European Union’s research and innovation funding program for the period 2014-2020.

Prix de l'innovation
Tested and approved
Castres Olympique

Julien Rebeyrol Brimeur

Conditioning coach – Castres Olympique

“We have been using McLloyd for 5 seasons at Castres Olympique. Always responsive and innovative, our collaboration is very efficient. Constantly listening to us and available, it allows us to move forward concretely. The tracking software is very convenient and allows to have a great reactivity live. Logistics is also very well thought out. We recommend McLloyd.”
Provence Rugby


Strength and conditioning coach – Provence Rugby

“I use McLloyd for the management of the multi-level training system: the quantification of the load carried out by the players on the field, the validation of the intensity of the phases of the game in the training compared to the matches, and tracking the return of injured players. ”
PSG Academy Florida

Nicolas Babayou

Director of Football ICEF/PSG Academy

“With McLloyd trackers we can now offer professional training to our young players. We are able to objectively measure their performance and thus their progress, and to define the workload imposed during the practice phases, it is a real advance. McLloyd is an important added value in optimizing player development for the programs we offer. ”



“As a doctor in sports physiology I was looking for a solution to reduce the risk of injury to my players.
Thanks to McLloyd and specific indicators, I can detect live potential muscular problems.
This allows me to be alerted and to manage the workload of the players. Over the whole season we can thus avoid certain injuries, and thus have the maximum of players available »
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