RacingUncategorizedMcLloyd tracking technology selected by Sodikart, the world leader in karting.

12 December 2023

Sodikart, the Nantes-based manufacturer of leisure and competition go-karts and a world market leader active in over 100 countries, has selected McLloyd to design and deploy an indoor and outdoor tracking system at all its customer sites.

By equipping itself with this solution supported by the two brands Tekneex (Sodikart) and McLloyd, Sodikart has a double objective: to roll out its Game of Karts license worldwide, and to improve the spectator experience at the trackside.

Deploy Game of Karts licensed circuits

Inspired by a famous video game, Game of Karts, halfway between video game and race, allows competitors to challenge each other live on the track, using bonuses awarded as the kart passes over certain areas of the track. In this way, tracking comes into its own when it comes to awarding these bonuses! The Game of Karts innovation is already available on over 10 tracks worldwide, with many more to come.

Real-time map for spectators off the track

It’s important for Sodikart to be able to entertain not only the drivers, but also those accompanying them when they’re not on the track! With this in mind, Sodikart’s indoor and outdoor tracking systems allow drivers to follow their progress on the track, as well as keeping track of their rivals’ times.

On the technical side, the karts are equipped with a module custom-designed and produced by McLloyd, containing a GPS module for outdoor tracks and an Ultra Wide Band module enabling LPS (Local Positioning System) operation for indoor tracks. Indoor tracks are also equipped with a series of wall-mounted beacons for precise positioning via 10Hz trilateration.

This first achievement by McLloyd’s teams for the motor-racing industry is the culmination of several months’ work to design a sufficiently reliable, high-performance solution for tracking vehicle positions on tracks that could be deployed on a large scale.


After Nantes and Lyon, it’s the turn of Sky Ouest in Saint Quentin en Yvelines to equip itself in 2023 with the Game of Karts game made possible by McLloyd indoor tracking technology.