NewsS&C / Team SportMcLloyd renews its partnership with Spellman Performance for athletic preparation at the highest level.

30 July 2020

McLloyd is proud to renew its partnership with Spellman Performance, one of the most advanced American centers in terms of speed improvement for professional athletes, based in San Diego (California).

Passionate about speed technique and bio-mechanics since his car accident at the age of 17, Lester Spellman has become one of America’s best coaches in terms of improving acceleration and movement speed.

McLloyd’s technology allows him to monitor the workload of his athletes and evaluate their performance by combining GPS data and cardiac sensors.

“We believe that speed is not only an inherent trait but an essential skill that can be mastered – the X-factor that separates good from great, amateur from professional. We help athletes take a quantum leap by mastering speed through biomechanics, advanced technical training; and individualized programs to help them transfer their new skills into real game play environments and achieve the highest levels of their sport.”

Some of Spellman’s athletes

5 Olympic Teams

‣ USA Rugby
‣ USA Rugby Women
‣ Colombia Women
‣ England Men
‣ Individuals
‣ USA track and field gold medalists
‣ Bobsled bronze medalist

50+ athletes in the NFL
NFL combine athletes 2013-2019
2 Heisman trophy winners
One #1 draft pick
NCAA D1 player of the year
100+ NCAA athletes
Multiple NCAA teams
2X World Rugby Player of the Year
50+ World Cup Athletes