Take your athletes to the next level.

The best tracking system for college coaches. Already used at the highest level of European and US soccer.
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Take your athletes to the next level.

The best tracking system for college coaches. Already used at the highest level of European and US soccer.

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Known as the best real-time GPS tracking system, McLloyd STv4 has been selected by 150+ teams and coaches in many sports and more than 10 countries for performance improvement : USA 🇺🇸, France 🇫🇷 , Australia 🇦🇺, Taïwan 🇹🇼, Guatemala 🇬🇹, Belgium 🇧🇪, Canada 🇨🇦…
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🔥 100% data in Real-Time
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More than 150+ satisfied clients already !

  • We have been using the system for just about 9 months now and love it. It makes collecting sprint data easy and showing our athletes how they are progressing in that data has driven our business. Highly recommend!

    Nick Jarosh Avatar Nick Jarosh
    15 March 2023

    We have been using McLloyd GPS Tracking systems for over a year now and all we can day is WOW! The accuracy, the quality and overall system is amazing to use. We use the ATv1 Tracker with our athletes to measure their performance through training sessions and matches. Having data in front of to analyze progress has given us the ability to pinpoint exactly where we need to improve. Highly Recommended!!

    Grande Sports Training Avatar Grande Sports Training
    15 March 2023

    It’s been an amazing journey & addition to our Get Right or Get Left Program. Our athletes love being able to ACTUALLY SEE & track their performance as well as their progress. We utilize our McLloyd system during every training day, ALL OF OUR ATHLETES has a profile. It’s help..ore value to what we did & do. I went from 5 GPS units to now using 20, plus 20 ATV1 GPS units for our virtual athletes and forecasted to get another 20 STV4 GPS units. Laurent has gone from colleague to good friend to partner. The customer service is BARNONE! Him & I constantly are brainstorming. Big things are coming for McLloyd. Either #GetRightorGetLeft.

    Adolph-Coach AJ- Joseph Avatar Adolph-Coach AJ- Joseph
    15 March 2023
  • Have used other companies in the past and McLloyd is by far the most user friendly and accurate system I have used. On top of that excellent customer service. My athletes look forward to running and tracking their progress with the gps. Now that I have used it for several months to help track my athletes and develop them through their programs I consider it a must have item for my training sessions.

    Trevor Vance Avatar Trevor Vance
    16 March 2022

    Love McLloyd. The accuracy is best in the market and gives coaches such an incredible tool in the development of their athletes.

    Wes Hardin Avatar Wes Hardin
    15 March 2022

    Great product and excellent customer service. Laurent was super helpful throughout the process. I highly recommend this team and product!

    Sand Gm Avatar Sand Gm
    15 March 2022
  • Great company and a great product. The technology has helped us take our speed development programs to the next level!

    Jeremy Campbell Avatar Jeremy Campbell
    15 March 2022

    Great tracking system to help athletes & coaches to improve their training. Accuracy of the GPS is top level and the customers service is amazing! I highly recommend this product.

    Victoire Lazzari Avatar Victoire Lazzari
    15 March 2022

    Outstanding solution for helping the athletes I train improve. The data is clean and accurate. Two key KPI’s that I use regularly are instantaneous max velocity and max acceleration. If you are looking to maximize your training sessions, this is the way to go.

    E. O. Avatar E. O.
    9 March 2022
  • This user friendly technology allows me to bring more detailed speed training to my baseball athletes. I would highly recommend this technology to any coach, player, or program interested in elevating their sports performance.

    B. Lopez Avatar B. Lopez
    9 March 2022

    Great tech and great support. Would recommend!

    Burst Athletic Perfomance Avatar Burst Athletic Perfomance
    23 October 2021

    Excellent GPS Sport Tracking system with accurate data improving your performance. The US manager Laurent has always been and still is on top of the services the company provides and is always very responsive. I definitely recommend it.

    Pascal Lazzari Avatar Pascal Lazzari
    23 October 2021
  • This system is the best! All my athletes love it. I use the mclloydsport system as a recruiting tool so college coaches can evaluate more effectively

    Rickey Brown Jr Avatar Rickey Brown Jr
    23 October 2021

    Fantastic product and great customer service before, during and after using GPS units! We will definitely be using McLloyd again for our next First Class Lacrosse events!

    Ryan W Avatar Ryan W
    23 October 2021

    Our experience with the system has been great! Players and coaches love it. Now a day technology has become a huge part of the sport and this give us all we want. Been able to track players not only by stats and numbers but also with a live imaging satellite imaging of the movement is amazing!

    National Soccer League Avatar National Soccer League
    23 October 2021
  • Great device to track athlete progress !

    Pierre Moitry Avatar Pierre Moitry
    23 October 2021


    micc15 Avatar micc15
    23 October 2021

    The use of McLloyd equipment is now essential for modern training. Feedback to players and the coach with valid, reliable and objective results in real time, in order to train effectively and maximize your performance.

    George Pelidis Avatar George Pelidis
    15 March 2021

210+ real-time metrics

Effective distance by speed zone
Effective distance by VMA range
Total distance
Speed curve
Speed zones – Vmax
List of sprints (with duration, Vmax, Amax, distance)
Acceleration curve
Curve of vertical acceleration
Change of direction
Length, frequency
Vertical and horizontal acc.
Contact time on the ground / Flight time
Imbalance left/right
HR curve in %
Time by HR area
EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption)
Training effect
Metabolic power
Energetic cost
Body load / work load
Energy expenditure estimation
Collision list
Number and intensity
RHIE (Repeated High Intensity Efforts)


5 units, 210+indicators
5 units, 210+ indicators + heart rate data
5 units, 210+ indicators + real-time data
5 units, 210+ indicators + HR data + real-time data


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