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Optimize training session and manage the workload

Tracking data will allow you to have an accurate force and velocity profiling for every athlete. Max velocity, acceleration, exact distance, 200+ indicators. The workload has never been so accurately measurable. GPS data will offer you truly a new potential as a coach.

Follow athletes’ performances and progress

As every athlete is very unique, you can now rely on accurate, objective and personalized data to follow performances evolution and give them the most relevant feedback. Follow their progress during and between sessions or games thanks to data history.

Anticipate and manage injuries

Identify the strength, speed, and number of shocks received by each of your athletes and use the support balance tracking algorithm to anticipate injuries. Proper adjustments can accurately be made to training sessions based on intensity, volume & work rate. Follow physical therapy by relying on accurate data.

Improve your Live-Coaching

Perfect your tactical sequences in training and improve your decision making in game. More than 200 custom indicators and mapping are available to assess the condition of your athletes and make tactical decisions. The live data not only provides constant feedback and cueing, but also creates a uniquely competitive environment.

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