UncategorizedFirst Class Lacrosse: using McLloyd tracking to maximise performance

28 July 2021

Deemer Class, professional Lacrosse player and founder of First Class Lacrosse, knows what its like to play at the highest level of the game, and has decided to take it one step further with a McLloyd partnership.

About FCL:
Widely regarded as one of the best outside shooters in lacrosse, Deemer put his experience in training and playing at the highest level to create First Class Lacrosse, a training academy aimed at helping young players join the elite. The academy works around all aspects of the game, guiding athletes both on and off the field, providing the right tools and techniques to develop their game, but also work ethic and values. By surrounding himself with expert coaches in their respective fields, Deemer’s coaching team brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge to develop up and coming players.

The “Best In Class” program aims to provide a unique environment to optimize a player’s training, development and performance as they begin their college recruitment process. The program combines principle of FCL’s “on and off” training with recruitment and evaluation components for a 2
day event in August. This year’s program will be using McLloyd GPS trackers to monitor their training and development, putting them in the best conditions to excel.

McLloyd partnership:
With the addition of the McLloyd tracking technology, this years’ class will have the unique chance of engaging with performance data.

This initiative will equip participating players in the program with GPS wearable technology along with a performance analysis software. McLloyd’s technology supports on-field performance, capturing player performance, enriching coaching feedbacks as well as preventing player injuries.

“Best In Class is a very exciting, fast-growing program that shares our commitment of improving the performances of athletes. We’re very happy to collaborate with FCL in this event to give young players a complete insight into their physical performance to take them to the next level through our technology” said William Dien, McLloyd CMO.

By adopting this technology, FCL coaches will have the opportunity to recreate exactly what training drills and match situations look like from a physical perspective. This will enable FCL coaches to have an objective understanding of the effort given by players, ultimately tailoring training to specifically focus and reflect on the player’s needs.

By quantifying the training sessions and drills, coaches will enrich their feedbacks with tangible data, providing another layer of analysis into a player’s performance. Subsequently, players will walk away with better understanding of their strong and growth areas in their game, putting them in the best conditions to succeed in college.

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