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17 March 2021

2021 House of Athlete Scouting Combine

McLloyd has recently partnered with the House of Athlete (“HOA”), a Florida-based lifestyle and wellness company that helps athletes to optimize their health and performance through a holistic approach to training.

With the NFL draft approaching, Brandon Marshall, its founder, hosted an Combine event of his own to showcase some of the young prospects that trained at his facility in Florida ahead of the draft. The two-day, live-broadcasted event took place from March 3-5 at the Inter Miami CF Training facility and gave the chance for the invited athletes to perform for the world to see.

As it was highlighted by Jeff George Sr., one of the great quarterbacks to have played in the NFL “It all starts here. They didn’t have these types of things when I was around, you train for months to get ready for the Combine. These athletes are really fortunate to get this opportunity.”

At first glance, the physical combine drills seem rather simple, a long jump from a standing position, a vertical jump, and a 40-yard sprint. However, there’s more to it than that. These drills help to showcase players’ full-body strength, explosiveness, precision, and balance…attributes that are heavily considered and analyzed by NFL scouts and coaches alike.

At the event, the invited athletes were really able to put up impressive numbers, showing off the results of the intense training that they had undergone in the months prior at the  House of Athlete. Notably, Iowa wide receiver Brandon Smith, nearly reached 45 inches on the vertical jump (44.75”), jumped out to 11’3” in the broad jump, and recorded a 4.56 40-yard dash (hitting a solid 21.5 mph top speed). Smith did not miss his chance to show the NFL coaches that he has the build and physicality to make it to the next level. This was also the case with Georgia cornerback Eric Stokes who stunned everyone by running a 4.246 in the 40 dash, and was also clocked at 23.4 mph, almost reaching record of 4.22. Other honorable mentions go out to Ernest Jones Jr, the linebacker from South Carolina who reached a 12’4 feet on the broad jump, showing just how explosive he can be for his size and position. Last but not least, Donald de la Haye, who put in some work hitting 80-yard kickoffs with ease, also showed some incredible speed of clocking 22.2 mph in the 40-yard dash…not bad for a kicker.


Check out the replay of the event right here:

1:33:33 – Broad Jump

2:03:20 – Vertical Jump

3:03:20 – 40 Dash

3:54:50 – Kickoffs and field goals

4:07:10 – Quarterback throws


A strong partnership

Thanks to the partnership with McLloyd’s GPS tracking solutions, the House of Athlete’s coaches had access to highly accurate positioning and biometric data, in real-time, which proved to be a key tool in improving the performance of their top athletes. The GPS trackers recorded sport-specific data for coaches to assess, such as speed, acceleration, change of direction, and more. By doing so, McLloyd provided a new layer of insight into the physical demands that pro athletes face, quantifying their daily training sessions, allowing the coaching staff to maximize each athlete’s overall development. McLloyd is very proud to be able to work day in day out with renowned, respected coaches like Mo Wells, Troy Jones and Ian McQuate.

McLloyd has significantly invested in North America as of late, signing multiple partnerships to build on the already growing community. With the addition of HOA, McLloyd is very proud to continue to provide technology that helps both current and future pro athletes all over the world on their journey to maximizing their performance.

About House of Athlete:

Founded by NFL veteran and six-time Pro Bowler Brandon Marshall, the House of Athlete is a Florida-based lifestyle and wellness company that helps clients to optimize their health and performance through a holistic approach to training…a modern gym concept for professional and everyday athletes alike. The concept behind this sport installation is to train the athlete as a whole, addressing five fundamental “pillars”: training, fuel, mental fitness, recovery, and tribe. House of Athlete brings the entire lifestyle of an athlete into one concept, operating in fitness training, apparel, and supplements. The results of the HOA Scouting Combine attest to the effectiveness of the implementation of these pillars, as they were instilled into each athlete, under the direction and watchful eyes of Mo Wells (Director of Pro Sports) and Troy Jones (Director of Performance Science & Education).

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