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3 February 2023

This is the first time McLloyd is partnering with a High School Football program, and it’s in Texas!

Conroe Football has selected McLloyd for providing a tracking system that will deliver performance data to the staff and the athletes all over the season. This partnership is a perfect example of the necessity for sport technology at high school level in order to maximise athletic development and provide student athletes with the best chances to continue their passion at the collegiate level.

Colleges can evaluate athletes better and recruit them more objectively.

McLloyd’s system helps you not only develop better coaches and better athletes, but it also really helps athletes get more attention from colleges so that they can play at the next level.

We found that more and more high school athletes are using it, and colleges can evaluate them better and recruit them more heavily. Athletes who may not be on the recruiting boards may pop up thanks to their physical capacities, brought to light only thanks to GPS technology.

“As we continue to improve our athletic programs at Conroe High School we were looking for the next step. Partnering with McLloyd was a no brainer. We are looking forward to gaining that analytical data needed to improve our training of every athlete on campus. In many situations entire teams follow a set offseason program, we look forward to being able to specify training for each athlete and each athletic team.

We see the importance of the system and how it can improve not only athletic programs but also individual athletes.

I monitor everything from total workloads to total number of collisions and the force during those collisions.

“In my area as a Licensed Athletic Trainer, I enjoy the every day data that comes in on athletes not only during practice but games as well. During practice I place the McLloyd GPS trackers on athletes that are returning from a hamstring injury to an athlete coming back from major knee surgery. This data is useful to make sure the athlete is progressing and not favoring that injured area. The data also allows us to monitor and limit workloads to prevent injury and make sure full recovery is achieved. During games I monitor everything from total workloads to total number of collisions and the force during those collisions. We look forward to monitoring and improving the health and development of our athletes one day at a time.”

Robert Phillips, Prof Athletic Trainer at Conroe High School

Charles Reddick to open McLloyd’s bureau in Texas.

Charles has joined McLloyd team in January and now helps athletes take their game to the next level in terms of performance optimization but also improving their visibility to college recruiters.

After graduating from Texas A&M University with a bachelor in Sports Management and a minor in Coaching, Charles started an internship in the Sport Science department of Texas A&M’s football team, where he learnt about GPS tracking and the benefits it could procure in terms of performance optimization.

If you are in TX and want to find out more about our products or schedule a demo, don’t hesitate to reach out to Charles (creddick@mclloyd.com) who will be more than happy to help out !