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Furnished with the trackers : tank tops, data software, data download antenna, transportation and charge loading security case.


Sport Tracker V4

For all stadium / outdoor sports. Recommended for professional and semi-professional teams.


Stade de Reims
Paris Saint-Germain
Stade rennais
France Galop
Austin Elite Rugby
San Diego FC
Castres Olympique
France Aviron
Oyonnax Rugby

Améliorez la façon dont vous faites progresser votre groupe.


Improve your coaching

Perfect your tactical sequences in training and improve your decision making in match.

More than 200 custom indicators to assess the fitness of your players and make decisions.


Anticipate and manage injuries

Identify the strength, speed and number of shocks received by each of your players and use the support balance tracking algorithm to anticipate injuries.

Follow the wound return by relying on accurate data.


Simplify your management tasks

Enrich your feedback with your players and staff by relying on data and video via personalized and automated reports.

Follow the progress of your

players during and between seasons thanks to the data history.


Manage up to 40 players simultaneously during your training sessions.

React faster with real-time alerting on events that you have pre-configured.

Facilitate your debriefs by exporting automated reports.

Track performance changes during the season and between seasons with historical data.

Your datas are confidential, secure, and belong to you.

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