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Customize your McLloyd pack now to improve the way you train your team.

Choose the number of trackers

Select non-cardio vests sizes (be careful, the total number of vests can not exceed the total number of trackers)

Choose Live and Support+ options to take advantage of data on real time and on-site support


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We take 50% of shipping cost. Shipment within 48h.
2h setup and training session with our product expert.
Support available by email or phone by appointment (except premium support)
30 days free trial, then 6 month commitment.
Replacement of equipment within 7 days (except premium support) in case of malfunction.

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McLloyd's Sport Team V4 tracker is the benchmark tracker in professional and semi-professional sport. It is used in the biggest team sport and in Olympics teams in Europe and the USA.

We offer you to compose your own tracker pack to rent (without obligation) according to your needs. Once the equipment has been received, installation and initial training will be provided in english via a dedicated 2-hour telephone session (once or twice) with one of our product experts based in Miami, Florida.

  • Support available by phone all year round
  • Non-binding, subscription terminable at any time (online termination on the date of receipt of the returned equipment in good condition).
  • Software training included in your subscription
  • Guaranteed material, new shipment within 48h in case of problem.
  • Delivery within 48 hours upon receipt of the order

You can complete your pack with options (see full description below).

PACK CONTENT (included without option)

Sport Tracker v4 (Between 10 et 40 units)


  • GNSS Quadri constellation (GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU/GALILEO) 10Hz + SBAS
  • IMU 9axes: accelero/gyro/magneto 1300 Hz, 100Hz transmission to UI
  • 3D Gyroscope : 2000 Degrees/sec with 0.1deg accuracy
  • Accelerometer 3axes +/-16g 1/100g accuracy
  • Cardio: BLE: 5.0 backward compatible 4.2, 4.0
  • Dimensions: 44x77x20mm
  • Weight: 43g
  • Shock resistant and weatherproof
  • Induction charging with charging case (included) with 1 hour
  • 5h autonomy with live transmission
  • 5 minutes to download 20 trackers data after session
  • 1 month memory on daily use basis

McLloyd's STv4 Vest


  • The heart-rate vest has been specially developed to keep the Sport Team V4 tracker in place in the center of the back during physical exertion.
  • It can be worn in training or in matches
  • guaranteed for 300 washes at low temperature

Unloading antenna


  • Easy-to-use USB antenna for connection to a computer for offline data unloading.
  • 15 trackers can be unloaded simultaneously at a speed of 2mo / sec. (approximately 10 minutes of data unloading for a two-hour session with 15 players).

Charging and transportation case


  • Allows secure transport and inductive charging of 20 trackers simultaneously.
  • The case connects to a standard electrical outlet.
  • Waterproof (non-submersible), dustproof, and impact resistant case.
  • 1 cases provided every batch of 20 trackers.

Sport tracking software


  • Software allowing the representation, the plotting of graphs and the creation of reports through key indicators : Speed, distance, acceleration, impact, biomechanics.
  • Live indicators (Live option) or after data download
  • One-click graphic visualization
  • Editing of a report in less than 5min after the end of the session
  • Full player profile
  • Cutomizable definition of areas
  • Alerts
  • Heat Map
  • Export of CSV, PDF data
  • AMS export
  • Data tagging
  • Recommended hardware configuration
    I5 / 8gb ram processor / ssd hard drive (250gb capacity)
    macOS 10.12 or later or Windows 10 Redstone 1 or later


CARDIO Option : Vest + Heart Rate sensor (12,99$/month per unit).

Provided in the same number than Team Sport V4 units)


  • The cardio vest was developed to address the need to measure metabolic load during workouts and games without discomfort.
  • 1-lead ECG at 500Hz using dry carbon nanotube electrodes allowing measurement of heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV) and their derived measurements. This makes it possible to measure, among other things, stress and fatigue levels.
  • Data transmitted in real time by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to the GNSS unit which either transfers it in real time or stores it in memory.
  • Vest guaranteed for 300 washes at low temperature.

LIVE Option (19,99$/month per unit)

Live Data transmission antenna with Crystal8 patented protocole.


  • Cristal 8 Live-time communication : patented McLloyd's technology allowing data transmission without interference even in at-risk environments / strong RF interference (full stadium, live television, etc.) and allows a range x4 compared to Standard Wifi.
  • Software: all indicators in real time, configurable alerts.
  • Up to 50 players followed simultaneously.
  • Lightweight and compact antenna: 30x10x5cm + foot.
  • Strong and weatherproof.
  • USB charging

SUPPORT+ Option (12,99$/month per unit)


  • On-site installation and training (no option: by phone)
  • In case of failure, guaranteed replacement within 48 hours (without option: 5 days guaranteed)
  • On-site intervention on unbilled request (without option: phone contact)

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