Meet HPv2, the only customizable, miniaturized indoor/outdoor RTK GPS tracker.

Meet HPv2, the only customizable, miniaturized indoor/outdoor RTK GPS tracker.

Initially developed for professional sports and horse racing, our HPv2 sensor is the result of a 5-year R&D cycle and several million euros invested. It is today the only device combining a miniaturized format (89g) and a centimetric geo-location in real-time without the need of any external infrastructure, allowing measurements and locations with unrivaled flexibility.

We are committed to studying any request to adapt the sensor to the needs of your industry (battery autonomy, mechanical adaptability, etc.) to cover new use cases.

Technical description

  • Extreme accuracy until 1cm outdoor / 10cm indoor
  • GNSS RTK with Ultra-Wide Band « inter-sensor » network, patented technology and algorithms
  • IMU 9 axis, 100Hz, 14 bits
  • No infrastructure needed : IoT 2G/3G/4G network
  • Customizable battery autonomy, charging  by induction
  • Resistance 300Kg, underwater functional 10 cm
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System Architecture

The delivery system architecture provides an API for transmitting all the data collected to your interfaces and applications in real time.

Order your pack or tell us about your specific need.

HPv2 is a ready-to-use solution that you can rent or buy for many indoor and outdoor use cases. We can also customize the sensor for your needs in terms of autonomy, delivered data or mechanical shape.

Start now with our ready-to-use HPv2 pack.

1) Order online. Shipping 48h after your order.

2) Receive your ready-to-use trackers

3) Access the cloud platform with your personal IDs. : Data, map, supervision, CSV exports & API.

Customize your HPv2

McLloyd’s 4 major patents

Tech 1

Crystal 8

Real-time data guaranteed in saturated radio frequency space (stadium…).

Tech 2

UWB Mesh

Decimetric accuracy guaranteed by the creation of a sensor network in UWB.

Tech 3


Fusion of data from the three sensor sources: IMU, GPS and Ultra Wide Band.

Tech 4


Unique process for the production of high resistance cases.

Awards and distinctions



Laureate from the Global Innovation Contest (Phase 2)

The World Innovation Competition aims to finance innovative projects carried out by companies and to create the French “champions” of tomorrow, creators of value, exports and jobs.

Ministère de l'innovation

Awards and distinctions


Laureate from the digital innovation contest


The call for projects “Innovation competition – i-Nov” is a support system funded by the Investments for the Future Program (PIA) which aims to select innovation projects with particularly strong potential for the French economy.

BPI France



Seal of excellence grade from the European Commission and French laureate Horizon2020

The European Union’s research and innovation funding program for the period 2014-2020.

Prix de l'innovation
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