HPv2, the best live tracking solution for races.
Centimeter accuracy, no installation required.

Enrich your fan experience

Sports tracking gives access to new data for performance enhancement, but it also changes the uses of spectators and viewers by offering new perspectives of real-time production : insertions, 3D, virtual reality, augmented reality…

The insertion of this data in live or replay intensifies the fan’s immersion in the event.

McLloyd is the only player able to deliver real-time data in the centimeter accuracy criteria required by the sprint racing world without any infrastructure to install thanks to its HPv2 sensor.

Tracking the most prestigious horse races!


McLloyd tracks the biggest horse trotting and gallop races in France.
The unrivaled precision of its miniaturized sensor allows fans to fully experience the races from the start to the finish line.

Le Trot was McLloyd’s first client for its horse data tracking solution.

System architecture



“McLloyd’s tracking system allows us to obtain long-awaited reliable data on sectional timings (and associated speed) for each competitor. It is a breakthrough for professionals and gamblers. The data collected also makes it possible to enrich the real-time racing experience for the general public, whether on TV, on racetrack screens or on 3D VR applications. “



“Race tracking allows a thorough reading of the performance of horses and offers a high value service to all our customers. The quality of the data makes it possible to objectify different levels of performance: speed, ranking, time, distance on sections of course … From the bettor’s point of view, the ideal would be to be able to analyze a race with the completeness of the tracking data. on all starters, which would imply a maximum coverage of races tracked in France.”
Technical description
Weight : 89g
Resistance : 300kg
Dimensions : 9,8 x 4,9 x 2,4 cm
4G LTM Transmission
Crystal 8 patented protocole
RTK L1L2 and UWB Mesh capture

Download the technical sheet

Download the data sheet

  • Reliable data in all circumstances even during high-traffic events
  • Indoor / outdoor tracking up to 1cm, guaranteed <25cm
  • Guaranteed timing <0.02s
  • Low data latency (<0.5s)
  • Mobile solution, no infrastructure to install
  • Ergonomic design, FIFA / World Rugby standards, waterproof

Many use cases in outdoor and indoor sports

McLloyd supplied the GPS tracking system for the virtual graphics of the Indian Grand Prix of the Seas in Mumbai, India, one of the UIM world championship’s official powerboat events, broadcasted worldwide by ESPN. It was thus possible to compare in real time (speed, classification, positioning …) the twelve P1 Panther Boats up to 115km / h (~ 62 knots).

Watch the video on Youtube

Developed with


McLloyd’s 4 major patents

Tech 1

Crystal 8

Real-time data guaranteed in saturated radio frequency space (stadium…).

Tech 2

UWB Mesh

Decimetric accuracy guaranteed by the creation of a sensor network in UWB.

Tech 3


Fusion of data from the three sensor sources: IMU, GPS and Ultra Wide Band.

Tech 4


Unique process for the production of high resistance cases.

Awards and distinctions



Laureate from the Global Innovation Contest (Phase 2)

The World Innovation Competition aims to finance innovative projects carried out by companies and to create the French “champions” of tomorrow, creators of value, exports and jobs.

Ministère de l'innovation

Awards and distinctions


Laureate from the digital innovation contest


The call for projects “Innovation competition – i-Nov” is a support system funded by the Investments for the Future Program (PIA) which aims to select innovation projects with particularly strong potential for the French economy.

BPI France



Seal of excellence grade from the European Commission and French laureate Horizon2020

The European Union’s research and innovation funding program for the period 2014-2020.

Prix de l'innovation
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